Hi @Russ,
I've upgraded xF to 2.1.9 (from 2.1.5) and have an issue with one of child styles (Adara, which was customized a lot) after I imported parent FA. Upgrade was performed with your instructions here. But I had to restore parent style from backup.
Here what I got.
This is the working style:
And this what I've got after parent style upgrade:
I suppose the cause lies in many customizations in several templates. Could you suggest what should be done to save all these changes?
Thanks in advance!
This is definitely coming down to page container and the sidebar template being out of date. You basically need to view the changes you made, copy them, revert those templates and reapply.

If you want to submit a ticket I can knock it out in a few minutes if you attach the style (zip it up).

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