xenForo has released 1.4.3. Is it safe to upgrade, or will there any compatibility problems with Zipped?


Pixel Exit Staff
You should be fine, there was only a couple outdated templates. We'll have a update out for all styles soon.


Pixel Exit Staff
@Steve since I can't download them from the site here, can you or Russ email me the xenbase 1.4.3 version when released?
I'll add you to one of our licenses so you'll get an email notification and you'll be able to download it.

For anyone curious we're expecting to have updates out within 2-3 days, been mighty busy past two weeks!


Pixel Exit Staff
@Russ Forgot to ask, do I need to active the license to get access to download new versions of XenBase?
You'll want to click the Activate link, just type in your site's URL. From there you can download the new versions(I'm almost done and about to update the styles on here).

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