Anyone experienced anything like this? The Xenporta homepage is squashing everything to the left (it's placed in the "top right" column). It's fine on the default style and the old version of Core built on xenbase 1.2.

I suspect it's a setting somewhere in xenbase that just needs adjusting.

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 16.26.47.png


Pixel Exit Staff
A "fix" is going to style properties -> Sidebar, and remove the !important in the width setting.

It's used to help with the collapsing sidebar( previously it would extend the page when it would get extended, but using the !important seemed to fix that).


Not sure how much effort you want to put into supporting XenPorta but I just noticed if I use the close sidebar arrow on my homepage, it actually hides the entire homepage (i.e. all the xenporta blocks, not just the sidebar ones).

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