I don't understand the whole upgrading of the style?

I'd had done some edits via the Styles property, and to my understanding I was to overwrite the current Master with the new, and then my chosen style?

I've done that - but I've lost everything in my extra.css and style properties?

Have I done something wrong? :(

Did you make the changes on the Master style? All edits should be done via the child styles either extra.css/style properties.

Also did you make a backup of your edits?
Not touched the master style - all edits were via the child style.

Which extra should I use? EXTRA.css or fusiongamer_extra.css?

What I did was - replace the styles folder, overwrite the master style and then overwrite the child style. But lost all edits in extra/style properties.

Was that the correct way?

The site is only hosted locally right now as it's a build in progress - so I can redo the edits, etc.
I apologies Swifty entirely, my instructions to overwrite the child style with the new one was wrong. If you need help redoing the edits I'll be glad to help you out. The upgrade process consists of just overwriting the Master style, it was an instruction error on my part.

I've fixed it for future reference. Don't hesitate to ask for help redoing the edits.
Haha, it's ok Russ. It was nothing major. :)

So in future updates - do I copy the new files over and then overwrite ONLY the Master style?

Or do i leave the files and just overwrite?

This bit confuses me - am I to replace the old files with the new aswell?
Yep, this upgrade came with new images so it did require you to upload and replace the existing images. Of course... you'll want to be careful if you have a logo for example that you've customized you'll want to keep a backup of it.

Going forward it's my lessen learned I'll keep a better change log of the files changed.

But you're free to edit the child style completely, just stick to style properties and extra.css

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