I noticed something today while finishing up configuring the Flat Awesome + theme before unleashing it on our unsuspecting members. It is just a minor thing, but it explained what I felt looked wrong until I realized what was going on.

To me, the banners looked a lot darker.

In the stock XF theme, banners look like this:


Yet in FA+, we have this, using the exact same color:

Today I realized that the reason is due to XF adding a semi-transparent gradient to the background.

Now, this...


...would be much better. What I temporarily did (in the Chrome "Inspector") was tweak the RGBA value to set the opacity to 0.66. Some of our darker banners get more difficult to read due to this, and adjusting opacity makes this much easier to read.

I wondered if there was a blanket way to change opacity on the background color of all of these banners using CSS, or, if I am going to have to create an entire set of code for EXTRA.CSS with all new RBGA color values to replace them. That makes code maintenance a pain, though.

The other option might be to remove (or replace with one single color) the background colors completely, leaving the border.

Just tossing this out here for any ideas. I mainly worry about visitors with poorer eyesight (including myself) who might struggle to read those.
I don't want a gradient, but I can create a white/transparent PNG with no gradient to do the same. At least until I figure out what else I can do with the banners. I am looking at another CSS solution but it may be too convoluted to attempt.

Thanks Russ!
@Russ, I uploaded a 35% opacity white PNG file and that fixed the banners. Works well, and I can tweak opacity in the PNG if I want to lighten them further.

I am trying to find a similar background image setting for thread prefixes, but have not yet found where in the style properties this should be.

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