We have no built in option, we simply place a class on the message itself.

This would add a simple icon to the username of the thread starter:

.thread_view .threadStarter .messageUserBlock .username:before { font-family: FontAwesome; content: "\f139 "; }

But you can style the message anyway you want with the .threadStarter class.

But I did not see any Icon for thread starter.


One more issue, I am using [bd] Medal add-on and How to show Medal Icon center in Sidebar Visitor Panel? Can done adding any CSS code to EXTRA.css for center?



Pixel Exit Staff
The CSS is working for me, it's a simple change:

Of course make sure you're in your thread :), try the code at the TOP of your extra.css file. If moving it to the top works then usually you have bad CSS somewhere.

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