Lee Robson

Hi russ,

Is it possible to update a user preference from the front end of xenForo?

I want to create a new preference for example ‘hide node xyz’ and have it as a toggle on the index page. Is this possible?

Create a simple custom user field as a check box:

Then place this into your xb_header template. Obviously you'll need to make specific edits but I hope this helps.

<xf:if is="$xf.visitor.Profile.custom_fields.hidenode">
        display: none;
As far as I know, you'd need an add-on to have a custom field outside of the account preference page (at least so they can edit it outside of there).

We do have a simple node toggle feature that uses built in local storage feature, not as persistent as a custom user field would be. (Style properties -> Node/forum list -> Collapsible nodes)

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