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Hello guys,

I don't think this is a problem just with the Nova theme, but i noticed that my landing page won't work until is fully loaded using the progressive web app.

I notice that my navbar take a very long time to "load" (appears someway broken until fully loaded), even if i open the App several times (or close, etc) and that's why I'm here.

Since I'm not a developer and I don't have the proper skills to determine the cause of the problem, like a debugging stuff or something.

I'm here to seek for some kind of help or some direction to find the issue.

My site is here and is properly configured to use the PWA mode.

It really comes down to loading time, XF uses JS to initialize the navigation and it just seems like it's loading extremely slow on your site.

I'm seeing references to rocket-loader on your site, do you have that enabled? Last I checked it doesn't work well with XenForo.
Man, you are a truly genius.

Just disabled the Rocket Loader feature and now the PWA opens and works like a charm, instantly. No more very long loadings and freeze app.

For information, the minify options on CloudFlare apparently works fine.

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