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Gemma tried helping me implement a change to the visitor panel but she could not get it to work, i would like this if possible?

Gemma response was
Weird, on my own site using the free FlatAwesome style I can create the sidebar no problem but using the exact same edits on your site has no effect at all :confused:

You might need to ask Russ or Steve to help you out here are see if someone else can help as I've not really got any free time to muck around with it. Here's how it looks on my site, I thought it would be a simple transfer of edits, replace the moods with staff badges and move it below the username but nothing seems to change when I add the template edits.


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Managed to get it working :) but now i need to know how i can implement FA icons and badges picture below


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Pixel Exit Staff
Well for the FA icons you'd simple add the code to the template in front of the phrase.

Which badges the user badges?
<xen:require css="dark_postrating.css" />
<dl class="pairsJustified">
<dt>{xen:phrase dark_ratings}:</dt>
    <dd><xen:if is="{$postrating_enabled_ratings.positive}"><span class="dark_postrating_positive">{$postrating_ratings_total.positive}</span><xen:if is="{$postrating_enabled_ratings.neutral} || {$postrating_enabled_ratings.negative}">/</xen:if></xen:if><xen:if is="{$postrating_enabled_ratings.neutral}"><span class="dark_postrating_neutral">{$postrating_ratings_total.neutral}</span><xen:if is="{$postrating_enabled_ratings.negative}">/</xen:if></xen:if><xen:if is="{$postrating_enabled_ratings.negative}"><span class="dark_postrating_negative">{$postrating_ratings_total.negative}</span></xen:if></dd></dl>

what code do i add in the above?

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