Does XenBase/FA+ have any sort of built in welcome notice? What I'd really like is a sidebar block (widget).

A related question is do you guys plan to release any widgets at all with the styles? I'd say there's a fair bit of scope there to do some cool things.
<xf:if is=" !$xf.visitor.user_id">
<div class="xb-welcome-notice">
   <div class="xb-welcome-notice--inner">
       <xf:if is="$xf.options.registrationSetup.enabled">
       <a href="{{ link('register') }}" class="button"><span class="button-text">Register</span></a>
       <a href="{{ link('login') }}" class="button--cta button" rel="nofollow" data-xf-click="overlay" data-menu-close="true">
           <span class="button-text">{{ phrase('log_in') }}</span>

This almost works but the login and register links don't work (e.g. they point to %7B%7B%20link('register')%20%7D%7D)
So made 2 adjustments here,


First added a sidebar option, it'll add in the welcome to the sidebar (you may want to decrease the font size using our property).


Or if you choose widget system it will still activate the template but not show anywhere else. However, you can use an HTML widget to load the template in anywhere you want (advanced mode must be checked at the bottom of the widget configuration):


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