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    Hello everyone,

    Wanted to take a moment to address everyone on our new design/upgrade with pixelExit.com. Over the weekend we came across an unfortunate problem with the store which we were forced to upgrade to XenForo 1.2 and the store itself. We ideally planned to do this later this week or next due to our work load however we were put in a position we had to upgrade immediately.

    With that said... I'm extremely pleased to welcome you to the new pixel Exit! First off the most noticeable we've completely re-designed our site, also with a nice new landing page as well :):

    New Home Page


    We've gone ahead and upgraded to XenForo 1.2, so all the features you love from there are on here now as well.

    New Account Menu Location
    To all of our customers we've moved the account menu to the top for convenience, anyone logged in will be able to view this:


    New location for NEW POSTS
    While our navigation has completely changed we still love our NEW POSTS link, so it's included in the breadcrumb area(where quick nav use to be for us)


    Community Shoutbox
    We've enabled a shoutbox for general chat. We're not using this chat as a support method, but more of a way for us to communicate with our clients.


    Custom Work Form

    We now have a form you can fill out if you're interested in obtaining custom work from pixelExit.com. It's easy to fill out, and it's the preferred method!

    Link is up top "CUSTOM WORK"

    If you see anything strange let us know, we know there's still bugs laying around on it.

    Thank you for everyone's patience, we're excited to get back on our custom work and get some updates/new styles out to everyone.
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