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    Thank you for everyone's patience over the past week, we've been somewhat stretched thin between custom work and getting the new upgrades here on Pixel Exit. We are so grateful to be on this new store as it's going to be beneficial for everyone.

    Here's a few things that have changed:
    • New Style :)
    • Upgraded to the latest XenForo Version along with all of the plugins
    • Cleaned up the user permissions (the Resource Manager is now sorted out)
    • Brand new store
    • Going forward emails will be automatically sent out for every single update (my favorite which our previous store lacked)
    In regards to the new store you can download your styles via the "Your License" link. You'll possibly see two tabs, one that says Active Licenses, and one that says Inactive Licenses.

    To download your style you'll need to go into your Inactive Licenses and activate it by putting in your site name and url(please be sure to put http(s):// in front). With any conversion there could be potential problems with it so if you see any discrepancy don't hesitate to start a support ticket with us.

    Speaking of support tickets you'll now see when you have an unread ticket:
    If you have any questions at all let us know! Thank you everyone!
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