I've gone through the update process and every time, I lose all the database info (i.e. the footer links, the logo, etc).

There has to be a better way. So I'm guessing I'm not doing something right. What are the exact steps to upgrade?

Perhaps I didn't even install my styles correctly. Xenbase shows up. Then I have core. Then as a child to core, I have my style (which is core) as a child of core.

Help please!!! :D :D
If you have this setup you should be fine, as long as you've placed all your edits inside your child style.

If you're editing Core which is the parent of your child style then yes it would lose all your edits.

All edits always should go in the child style, let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you very much Russ!!

That's the part I wasn't sure about. So I shouldn't touch core at all when I do my updates, just update my actual child style? I updated every style.
When you go to update, backup everything first just in case.

Import XenBase overwriting existing one.

Next import Core overwriting existing core.

Do not overwrite your style with anything, all the updates will trickle down to it automatically.

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