sami simo

What is the function of those setting, it seems it has no effect on my style:

Look on the "settings" aspect of that page.

You can assign up to 5 different node categories to customize, use just the node # by itself. You need to check some of the options up top, and you can use the colors down below for easy customization. The headings #1 will just provide additional customization.
Hi, is it possible to seperate the nodes like 1,2,3,4 when i enable the "Node Title Colors"?
I,ve tried it.
When i seperate the nodes it will change all nodes of one category and this with the wrong colour.
Not currently through the style properties unfortunately

You can however manually edit: xb_nodecolors.css

Then just add new CSS selectors, where you see:
.nodeList .node_@xb_node1 .categoryStrip
you can change that to:

.nodeList .node_1 .categoryStrip, .nodeList .node_3 .categoryStrip, .nodeList .node_@4 .categoryStrip

Which would target 1/3/4, if that makes sense.

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