I've styled the discussion list for FA+ (admin.php?styles/sc2018.4/style-properties/group&group=xbDiscussionList) to have a hover effect but when you go to What's New it's not applied to the discussion list for What's New.

I'm not sure if that's a bug or a choice but I was expecting What's New to have the same styling as the rest of the discussion list.


Pixel Exit Staff
I'd say an oversight, I'll make an adjustment for the next release, the CSS on it is a little too aggressive. For now, if you wanted too you could add this to your extra.less:

.structItemContainer .structItem:nth-child(even)
        background-color: @xf-contentAltBg;
.structItemContainer .structItem
            background-color: @xf-xbContentBgHover;

Adjusted in the next release already.

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