When to update theme versus Xenforo?


I'm still confused about how some of this works.

Usually, every time Xenforo updates incrementally (like today to 2.1.3), I find that PixelExit has also update their base theme or whatever, and I end up merging templates and all of that.

My question is... is that just how PixelExit is deciding to release updates or is something changing fundamentally in Xenforo that requires the theme to be updated?

For instance, can I upgrade Xenforo to 2.1.3 while using the Flat Awesome Plus version 2.1.2 or will something break? Do I NEED to wait on the theme to be updated first?
Sadly it's different for each update. For this update you can update with no problems. It does show that post_macros is outdated but there are no changes. So... You can run 2.1.2 styles on 2.1.3 just fine. If you update and that template does show outdated just open it up and click save and exit. It should resolve the message.

Running a style with outdated templates is typically completely harmless. That being said there are certain updates where you'd want to wait for the style update to be ready.

I hope that helps some, not exactly a clear cut answer.

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