XF 1.x Widen message userinfo name

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Should work the same, but you need to go to your style property to widen it and make sure you make the Content Container smaller to match or the User Info Container may over run it.


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The update happened in 1.4.8 so you'll need to do it the old way.

Search in the ACP

Adjust the width there, then search:
And adjust the margin-left there, you need to increase it the same amount you increased the first value.


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OK. I'd like to get back to this now since I've had XenForo 1.5, Apex 1.5, and Core 1.5

How do I widen as per original post?



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For now you really just need to reduce the Message User Info Width to like: 157px

Style Properties -> message layout -> User Info Container

I'll see if we can't address the detail differently

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