was looking for more in among the nodes.

For example, 2 categories with 2 forums each, I would want the widget to show between the categories:

Above Nodes

Category 1
Forum 1​
Forum 2​

Category 2
Forum 3​
Forum 4​
Below Nodes
You'll need to do a manual edit:


    <xf:if is="$node.node_id == '6'">
        <xf:widget key="forum_overview_members_online" />

Replace 6 with your category ID, and the widget key name with whatever widget you want to load.
Hmmm, no change.

Entered the following code in "node_list_category" template:
    <xf:if is="$node.node_id == '18'">
        <xf:widget key="maillepedia_latest_home" />

Widget is still showing in same position it was originally in "Forum Overview: Top"


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