@Russ, Can you share how you did the setup for the Staff Online widget? I love the tabs and would like to include something like that on our forum. ?

You can add an HTML widget to the forum list: below nodes location using this html:

<div class="block block-dashtabs">        
    <h2 class="block-tabHeader tabs" data-xf-init="tabs" role="tablist">
        <span class="hScroller-scroll">
            <a class="tabs-tab tab-dash1"    id="tab-tester3" aria-controls="tab-tab1" role="tab"><xf:fa icon="fa-users fa-fw" /> {{ phrase('staff_online') }}</a>
            <a class="tabs-tab tab-dash2"    id="tab-tester" aria-controls="tab-tab2" role="tab"><xf:fa icon="fa-chart-pie fa-fw" /> {{ phrase('widget_def.forum_statistics') }}</a>
            <a class="tabs-tab tab-dash3"    id="tab-test" aria-controls="tab-tab3" role="tab"><xf:fa icon="fa-comment-alt-lines fa-fw" /> {{ phrase('new_posts') }}</a>
    <ul class="tabPanes block-body">
        <li id="tab-tab1" role="tabpanel">
           <xf:widget key="forum_overview_members_online" />
        <li id="tab-tab2" role="tabpanel">
           <xf:widget key="forum_overview_forum_statistics" />
        <li id="tab-tab3" role="tabpanel">
            <xf:widget key="forum_overview_new_posts" />

Should work out for you. Check the "advanced mode" at the bottom.
One last question - where it states 'Display condition' and asks to enter a template-style expression - what should I put? I think I might be missing something because the HTML widget is showing a blank space under the header - even with the code copy/pasted as given...
That's where it's showing - but it's blank. I created the HTML widget and positioned it as you suggested. Still feel like I'm missing something because nothing is displaying (except the title):

be1.png be2.png be3.png
Cleared this up, just a heads up for anyone else running into this issue. Those widgets referenced in the code need to available and not deleted or else the widget won't show (even if one is deleted).

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