Tracy Perry

This is rather a "weird" one.
I have the XFMG gallery images as the first widget on my site on the side bar.

I also have Xon's ElasticSearch Essentials add-on installed.
When I do a search, I see this now

Screen Shot 2023-07-03 at 10.19.41 PM.png

If you notice.. the arrows from the underlying widget are overlaying the search terms that pop up.
Any suggestions?


Pixel Exit Staff
So it appears that by default Xon inserts those results into the quick search dropdown. We have a custom approach which I thought he did have a workaround for... I haven't made any changes to the template in a while.

You may need to reach out to Xon for assistance (I don't have ES installed on my dev site). For a simple weird fix:

.searc-acs {
    z-index: 300 !important;

Would force that popup to be over the search controls. You could also set the search to the default area to load in the user navigation (account/inbox/alerts)

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