Hi there,

My max-width I have set as 1190px and since we decided to use a single theme with different colours available I am not adding a fluid version so just the one to work with.

As per the attachment, is there a way to make this area on the sides smaller so the forum stretches a bit more or do I need to adjust the max-width again and if so what is ideally a good setting for this? I realise it will stretch the node area but we had it before without issues so just looking to make users with a larger screen a little happier.

I know I discussed this with you many times Russ but not found a suitable solution to these user questions still so we are just wondering. I know if I ticked 'wide' it will stretch the background part full but that does the footer and stuff too which we do not want so we just want a max-width to make users on a bigger screen happier a little more as the content area when posting they say is a bit small for them. I do not have my 27" monitor on hand to test, just my new laptop which has 1366px width which the screenshot is from.



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