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First off make sure you're putting all your edits into a child style of Core, or else they'll be lost on an upgrade.

Secondly, not entirely sure but you have fbackground as a class of a div wrapping the entire page(even some of the stuff inside the <head> so that is definitely messing things up.


That sis what I am trying to do to put a container around the header and the forum is self.



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Admin Zone doesn't have a container around it, we just make it look that way.

If you set your width back to say 100%, max-width of 1200px,

Then add this to extra.css:
#headerMover {
margin-top: 15px;

It pushes the body section down a little bit.


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What I'm saying is something is messed up, when your logged out browsing even on firefox or chrome it's messed up, probably something to do with that class you attempted to add.


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A container is tricky with the floating elements so not sure it would work with them but. you could try putting a div around:

<div id="headerMover">

and below <footer>

.Remember do all this in a child style of core.


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For the lgoo background you can use the style property:

[XB] Header and Navigation -> Left side(Logoblock Pagecontent),
apply the css there.

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