Hey fellas, this might be more of an XF.com question but I notice that some guys have signature files that are absolutely huge in terms of dimensions. Is there a way in XF to limit that? I know we can limit by size and that is great but image sizes that are 900 in width are just really gaudy for signature dimensions LOL
Wow :D that is a big signature. You can definitely set a width/permissions via the usergroup permissions options, I think you can choose how many images/lines what not.

See what I mean? A tiny bit big for a signature file.
Thanks man! I will give that a whirl on the site. Some guys just grab images and link them in their sigs and go "That'll do". Meanwhile its like the size of Texas in terms of dimensions. Saves me having to host them up locally. The bigger this site gets the more bandwidth that will consume. ;)

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