I'm working on a heavy modification of the Adara theme. But I just noticed that when I toggle the display of the sidebar off, and then toggle it back on, my forum does not go back to its original size. Instead, it overlaps the sidebar a bit.

I messed with the .mainContent margin-right code a bit, because I added paddings and margins to the sidebar. But when I toggle the sidebar, it looks like another margin-right is added right to the mainContent element. Where can I edit that?

This is what I'm seeing now after toggling the sidebar off and on:


Pixel Exit Staff
It could be some custom CSS changing it, the js literally adjusts the same width to collapse and expand. Have a link to the board? You can PM me the link if you'd like.


Pixel Exit Staff
Try going to: Style Properties -> Sidebar -> Sidebar (Left side column)

In the misc box add:

box-sizing: border-box;

See if that works for you, you may need to increase the width of your sidebar if you do this.

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