Fixed XB 1.5.6 Contact us form and color in text field

Seems like after the XenBase 1.5.6 upgrade, the color in contact form text field has been changed.

When I type text in the subject or message field, the background is black, when typing.


When I change focus from subject to message field, it looks like this.



Pixel Exit Staff
I messed this up in the latest patch, my bad.

Go to Style Properties, select XenBase (normally wouldn't recommend this)

Style Properties: Form-Type Overlays -> Text Control, check the revert box on the top right.


Pixel Exit Staff
@Bionic Rooster same area:
Style Properties: Form-Type Overlays -> Heading

Or Sub-heading/text-heading, make sure the border colors/text is set good.

We'll be releasing a patch for the 1.5.6 here to address all these little quirks, they annoy me.
Go to the style propertie und use the revert button, after that you change the colour again.
That way solved my problem with any properties after the last update.


Pixel Exit Staff
Technically my original fix was to revert the XenBase property, which when you overwrite it means it'll just include the fix so you won't need to do anything

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