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Can't seem to move "new post" indicator box location in threads.


Always shows at right side, but cant see the whole box.
Tried to fix position via "New indicator position", but nothing happens with the box.

Also, is there an "off" checkbox somewhere for this?


Pixel Exit Staff
We made an adjustment in this release to where it'll work on all of our layouts, however... you may need to revert this property:

Style Properties: Message Elements -> New Indicator (Outer) -> Reset (top right)
Geez, firefox never showed me the reset checkbox.

However, when I changed to Chrome the button at least shows.

But It didnt help to reset it. But it did remove all values for margin, and kept the distance.
I can even remove all values, and it still is in the same location.


Pixel Exit Staff
I need to take off, but can you check:

Style Properties: [XB] Message and Elements -> New Indicator Position

Revert that property if it's customized, I should of removed it in the update. I'll check tomorrow if you still have trouble.
That property doesnt have any values. But I will continue to make changes, see if I can get it to work. Only my UAT env anyway :)

Btw, "Admin message" still shows for me in XB Message and Elements too. Should have been removed?
This one can be closed @Russ

Seems like old settings were stuck when I moved the new files over. Did a total deletion of all xenbase directories, and copied over again.
Then imported the new XenBase xml and my own exported one, and all OK now.

Sorry for sending you on a goose hunt! :banghead:

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