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This is a partial change-log to XenBase we made over the course between 1.2 and 1.3. Partial in the sense that I'm sure I'm missing a few things but this can get you a general idea :).
  • Added
    • Added conditional around Admin Post CSS(was loading no matter what)
    • Added copyright option(easily disable branding if you've purchased it)
    • Added ability to swamp logo with navigation position(how Core is setup)
    • Added ability to style unread discussion list items
    • Added ability to style stickied discussion list items
    • Added ability to style individual messages
    • Added ability to enable and style a sticky thread separator
    • Added header proxy variable(can be useful if you modify the heights of the subnav/or add other elements to the header
    • Added ability to bring back help menu
    • Added ForumList SectionMain CSS styling property(controls section main on the forum list specifically)
    • Added sidebar collapse
    • Added ability to change width of sidebar in responsive view(can set the sidebar to max width in wide/medium view)
    • Added ability to shift the top breadcrumb out of the mainContent(can make it so it'll span the content area rather than stop at the sidebar)
    • Added ability to enable the calltoaction button in thread_view(basically a button at the top of the page to reply to the thread)
  • Updated/Fixes
    • Upgraded Font Awesome to 4.0.3
    • Reverted: page_container_js_head (removed expand click footer)
    • Edited: page_container_js_body (Added conditional around go-to-top javascript so it won't load unless the option is activated
    • Edited: node_category_level_1 (removed cat strip images updated conditionals to reflect less coding, also moved tooltip conditional around to check if descriptions are enabled FIRST
    • Updated page_container to reflect a new javascript CSS
    • Moved all Help Page smilies CSS into help_smilies.css to reduce extra page loading outside of the Smiley Page
    • Moved XenBase Discussion Properties + CSS to XF Default discussion property + default discussion_list.css
    • Fixed a span bug in node_forum_level_2 which was conflicting with font-awesome icons
    • Re-wrote XenBase Advanced Footer
  • Removed
    • Removed category image style properties
    • Removed Enable/Disable individual sidebar blocks, going forward we're strictly recommending Widget Framework for sidebar management
    • Removed sidebar avatars/tool tips
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