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Initially we planned to roll out an update for 1.3.3 however because it was so minor we felt our time could be better spent improving XenBase as a whole with more time.

With 1.3.4 we'll be releasing the new XenBase which fixes quite a bit minor bugs and adds some new features. Majority of the bugs we found we're incompatibilities with our other options(bad part of having too many options!).

We should be able to push this out late today if all goes well. Thanks everyone!

  • Login Overlay styling fixed!
  • Dual Column Nodes adjusted(minimal and expanded) force sub-forums in a drop down and description in tool tip fixed!
  • Sticky separator and alt discussion list fixed!
  • Disable sub-menu with user bar enabled fixed!
  • Help tab works with all options fixed!
  • New Go to Top & Bottom Buttons now available
  • New color palette (xbPrimaryContent)
  • New login form(optional)
  • New global font sizing
  • xb_tooltip template
  • Widen Style(gives it a fluid look with a fixed content area)
  • Font Awesome MessageUserInfo Icons(optional)
  • Replace editor icons with Font Awesome
  • Ability to switch sidebar to left side
  • QuickSearch as a navigation tab
  • Stretch only Advanced Footer
  • xbSocialSlider Template
  • xb_member_card.css Template - No longer used since 1.3.0
  • Go to Top button properties and CSS(old version)
  • Font Awesome - 4.1.0
  • [XB] General changed name to : [XB] General Setup
  • Updated Backstretch to 2.0.4
  • navigation/editor_ui.css/public.css (outdated templates)
To be Continued
Where can this be downloaded when it is released?

It'll be in the "My Downloads" link on the navigation bar.

Or My Account from the home page(we're still redoing the home page soon enough).

I'm putting some finishing touches on a couple styles most are done though. Should be another few hours.
So with the update all I do is upload the files and just update XenBase not the actual styles assigned to it?
You'll want to import and overwrite xenbase, then import and overwrite the purchased style such as core. Assuming you have all your edits in a child style the fixes and improvements will trickle down to it.

Of course first take a backup of your styles by exporting.

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