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Hello everyone and thank you for your patience. Assuming nothing major pops up... we'll be pushing updates out for all the styles tomorrow. Here's a list of the change-log currently. We've upgraded quite a few sites and styles with little to no work required. I've added some important notes at the bottom in regards to things that may need attention.

New to XenBase
  • Added new login form to the sidebar. Works with widget framework with no additional work
    • Style Properties -> [XB] Sidebar -> Enable Sidebar Login Form
  • Added property to move bottom breadcrumb inside MainContent (makes it so it will cut off at the sidebar instead of extending all the way across the content when there is a sidebar active)
    • Style Properties -> Breadcrumb -> Shift Bottom Breadcrumb
  • Added property for BackStretch URL to allow for CDN linking (default it loads from the XenBase folder still)
  • Added a class specific to the category collapsed state to help with category styling
  • Added properties for the Account Menu for easier control of styling
    • Style Properties -> Popup Menus -> Account Menu / Account Menu Links
  • Added class to the search option as a navTab to target specifically the search menu
  • Added template "xb_cat_helper" which you can use to place content below each category bar
  • Added templates for public and visitor tabs, before and after:
    • navigation_public_tab_after
    • navigation_public_tab_before
    • navigation_visitor_tab_after
    • navigation_visitor_tab_before
  • Added option to disable floating navigation at your desired width
    • Style Properties -> [XB] Header and Navigation -> Disable Floating Navigation in Responsive: Enter a value such as: 800px
  • Added "Custom Properties" which can be used for things that you repeat, such as a specific CSS gradient applied in multiple places
    • Style Properties -> [XB] Misc Pages
Improvements / Changes
  • Updated to Font Awesome 4.5.0
  • Sticky Sidebar completely re-coded, works with all floating functions now
  • Re-coded category collapse feature, minimized code being used along with cookie improvements (Thanks Bionic Rooster and Daniel Hood )
  • Improved CSS for alert bubbles when nav is floating
  • Multiple User Panel improvements: CSS/HTML/new style property options
  • Improved Moderator Bar styling, easily adjust the height now using a single property (Style Properties -> [XB] Header and Navigation -> Moderator Bar CSS)
  • Improvements to the logo and navigation area (css fixes)
  • Improvements to the Quick Search styling CSS
  • Changed QuickSearch position 5, positions for clarification (Style Properties -> [XB] Quick Search)
    • 0 - Disabled
    • 1 - Default
    • 2 - Inside navigation(lets the quicksearch float with the navigation
    • 3 - Navigation Search Tab
    • 4 - Visitor Tabs left side
    • 5 - Visitor Tabs right side
    • 6 - Top Bar
  • Removed "Add This" style properties. You can use the built in XenForo Add This code or the xb_custom_js_head to add your custom JS code
  • Removed "Moderator Bar Spacing", moderator bar height now controlled on the single default property ([XB] Header and Navigation -> Moderator Bar CSS)

Bugs Squashed
  • Fixed an issue with "Shift Call-to-action button" causing it not to show on certain plugins
  • Fixed an issue with categories not staying collapsed in certain situations
  • Fixed issue with Chris D's New Post Counter in the Off-Canvas options
  • Fixed an issue causing the Off-Canvas Menu to throw some missing popup errors
  • Fixed misc CSS styling issues

Templates Updated:
  • navigation
  • navigation_visitor_tab
  • xb_guest_nav (removed)
  • xb_offcanvas_menu
  • xb_js_body
  • xb_js_head
  • ad_sidebar_top
  • node_category_level_1
Key Notes:
  • Some styles will need to have some of the Category Collapse properties reverted for new changes to be applied properly.
  • If there's awkward spacing on your moderator bar you need to revert the xb_moderatorBar_CSS property, search for it using the ACP search.
  • Disabled extra text from the Sign Up Now button by default ( Style Properties -> [XB] Sidebar
  • Disabled mobile logo by default ( @imagePath/xenforo/logo_sm.png )
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Thanks Russ.

BTW, you forgot something...

We've been working on 1.5.2 version of XenBase since 1.5.1, here's a quick preview:

Hello everyone and thank you for your patience. Assuming nothing major pops up... we'll be pushing updates out for all the styles tomorrow.

Emails going out this weekend.

I think the last time I updated styles really late at night I accidently uploaded like the Splash style to Fusion Gamer clients or something like that :D
Must have been some time ago. XF 2 will be out soon. :ROFLMAO:

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