Just got my style installed on my sight and am in the process of setting up the light and dark themes. Already have the "Switches" setup between the two. But I cannot seem to figure out the process to make the one I have labeled as the "Dark Theme" to actually be a darker theme. They are both showing as light. Is there a simple option I am missing? Because I have chosen the theme as "Dark" under Style Type in Color Palette, and that doesn't seem to be it. Or do I need to go in and manually adjust each color?
Our style folders are normally different in regards to how we package them. With 2.1 we'd package them up to where they contain the actual dark styles. With our current store, I wanted you to be able to download the packages and import right away using 2.2's new zip archive. So for now as per my announcement, I'm asking folks just to submit a ticket to request the dark versions. . I'm switching to a new store that will support variations of downloads.

I reopened your recent ticket @BigPete7978 and attached it there with instructions.

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