How do I make the avatars round? I tried changing the avatar border radius but it had no effect.


What value are you trying to change it to? We don't have any properties that would touch the avatar settings to this is the default XenForo property that should work on all our styles.

Additionally, make sure you're editing the correct style.
This is what the avatars look like on my live forum:


This is what they look like on xenbase:


I would like to make them round on xenbase.
Out of the box the avatars are rounded. Under Style properties -> Avatars -> Avatar border radius is set to 50% on all our styles which is the default XF radius, making them circular.

If they're still square after that, I'd probably need a login to dig further to see what's causing it. This is a public area so obviously don't post it here, but you're welcome to submit a ticket.

These are instructions to set up a style specific admin.

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