Just a quick pre-purchase question. I'm developing a theme for another XF forum, and due to the number of changes I'm making (borders, sizes, minor layout changes, etc.), I'm curious if XenBase has any additional features or options over Flat Awesome Plus that would make it worth purchasing instead. If there isn't anything much different, I may just purchase another FA+ license as I'm familiar with it.

I was using a theme from another theme developer that I liked (and I won't name them publicly), but after they abandoned several add-ons I was using, I decided to ditch their theme and start from scratch on a PixelExit theme instead. It was a very spare looking theme based on the Flarum forum software, and I will be borrowing a few of the design elements in whichever PixelExit theme I choose.

Those two styles have the same features between them. We actually build all the styles on XenBase so everything starts out there :D.

Some of our styles have extra style-specific settings to help customize them further, but Flat Awesome + is not one of those.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
Only a few styles have them:




Pretty simple and straightforward. I create the styles so they can utilize the features of the framework easily, some just went a little further but not by much in terms of options.

Pre-Sale Questions

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