Pixel Exit Staff
Were any of Core's templates changed due to XF 1.2.1?

Nope :), only thing that needs updating is the nofollow link for the debug link. Updates for Casual/xendisConnect/Fusion Gamer are all done, and I made a few slight CSS changes on Core, mainly some fixes for those search buttons you saw.

Usually get updates rolled out same day except we've been a little busy around here :D.

Next update for Core too comes with FontAwesome integrated if you choose to turn it on.


Pixel Exit Staff
Cheers Russ... only really concerned about any templates directly affected. Thanks for that... the nofollow is easy to do manually without reloading.

Yep, that's all is the footer debug nofollow, and in the new version for core 3 lines in the page_container:

  <xen:if is="@xenBase_fontAwesome">
     <link rel="stylesheet" href="{$requestPaths.fullBasePath}@xenBase_fontAwesomeLink">

Don't put that in of course yet :D but an example.


There is a change on member_card Russ... as I got an outdated template for it on upgrade.

They changed the "can ban" to the below.

<xen:if is="{$canBanUsers}">
                        <xen:if is="{$user.is_banned}">
                            <a href="{xen:adminlink banning/users/lift, $user}">{xen:phrase lift_ban}</a>
                        <xen:else />
                            <a href="{xen:adminlink banning/users/add, $user}" target="_blank">{xen:phrase ban}</a></xen:if>

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