XenForo 1.2 Beta 5 Styles released

As XenForo is getting closing to the RC/final release of 1.2 I felt it was time to release the updated styles to the public. Currently the following are updated for 1.2 Beta 5

  • Fusion Gamer
  • xendisConnect
  • Core
  • Splash
  • Casual

The rest will follow soon. As with any beta expect bugs and limited support in the sense that things can be broken with XF that won't allow us to fix it. We'll do our best to help with issues.

In regards to our framework you can check out the updates listed here:


You can find the premium styles listed in the download area, and the free ones listed over at XenForo.
For a list of updates to each style you can view the updates at XenForo.com:

Thank you for everyone's business again we appreciate it and look forward to the future.

- Russ

Pre-Sale Questions

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