XF 1.x XenForo 1.4.2


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Is there any XenBase updates needed for this? Or can I upgrade my site with XenForo 1.4.2 and use XenBase 1.4.1?



Pixel Exit Staff
You can upgrade to the latest XenForo, there'll be like 3 outdated templates which we've corrected in our next release coming up today/tomorrow.

When we're done I'll send it over.


Pixel Exit Staff
Any news? It beens awhile.

1.4.2 wasn't a high priority update so we took some well needed time to fix some category bugs with our various node layouts. With that said XenBase is updated, all the styles are updated except for Gamer Time(I'm making some further CSS adjustments).

Waiting for Steve to get back from his weekend trip so we can do some testing and we'll shoot out the updates.

Ideally we like to get updates out the same day of XenForo but the past two we've been busier than expected :eek:

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