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Since the public demo has been posted for XF 2.0 we might as well get some thoughts from our users on how you see it. :)

My first impression is positive, not so much with the default style itself but I'm not to overly concerned with looks so long as no bugs are present. Looking at the structure it looks rather easy to get along with and in most case seems easier to work with from what I've done within Chrome inspector.

So, what are your guys' thoughts on it?


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I personally haven't looked much into XF2 yet but I really want to. I want to see what I like about it and get some ideas on what I can do on my forum with XF2. Though this is the Alpha Stage of the Development, I am still very excited for this new development.


I don't know how I feel about it. I really like what they did about the user page and card, but it look that it doens't have great new feature. I know the Team doesn't to go the Portal route, but with that Brogan did with CTA, I though something like that would have been present in 2.0.


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I am not that concerned about XenForo 2.0 per se, but all the add-ons and themes for the tons of Developers that has been involved over the years scares me a bit.
The New XF framework seems to get rid of old Flash and focus a bit more on the future and increasing PHP Version which is good.
Hopefully all the Developers follow suit and see the potential.

It all Depends in the end how much changes I need to perform on my forum to make this work, and how much Money I have to throw at it to be upgraded.


New style looks good so far but I won't be using it so not really bothere. Some of the new functionality is really good, a lot of changfes for the better.


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Our site here will be staying on 1.x for quite some time. We're so close to launching our new version of the site, basically a style revamp along with some usability things which should make it easier on clients to browse the site.

As for 1.x styles we'll still be supporting them as long as we can, it will be a long time before 2.0 is ready for production we think so we're in no hurry.

I'm excited to get my hands on it and mess things up though :D.


I started playing with 2.0 yesterday... I don't know first impression is that it looks rushed and really didn't add anything earth shattering to the mix. Hate the new default emojis. I'll be hiring pixel exit to convert my theme to 2.0 day 1 because the default is super ugly no doubt about that. One word meh :p

I agree with Russ going to stay with 1.0 for a long while...let 2.0 get all the bugs out before even thinking about upgrading it.


I have played with 2.0 a bit for now I'm not to impressed. I wouldn't mind seeing the 2.0 version of Legendary (hint hint)(y)
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I just can hope they have worked on the users permission system. It´s so fu**** complicated.
Extra Admin System, Extra User Admin System, A Default Admin Sytem and so on, same with other permission... Whom the heck does need all the permission setups?!


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I think the default design is pretty nice but I'm super interested in how the ACP will look. I'm quite fond of the current ACP even though I don't really like the permission setup.

I do NOT like the user profile on 2.0 though. Feels like everything is just shoved into the centre.


take time, understand it and you will love it ;)
That greatly depends on your use case.
Try adding Junior Moderators. (moderators who can moderate but not destroy/merge content) Its not possible.
Or set it up so that the most restrictive usergroup has very few permissions. (which renders the registered usergroup permissions useless)
Or try to keep track of 40 usergroups that are all intertwined.
For a simple setup it works great. For the aforementioned use cases it doesn't.

And then there is the issue of security with letting in newbie staff into the admincp (which is needed for simple moderation functions). .htaccess directory password on admincp and a separated moderatorcp is a last line of defence against hackers which has saved my ass several times when an exploit in our forum software allowed hackers to ignore usergroup permissions. XenForo doesn't allow that because there is no separation.

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