XF 1.x Xenporta Problems


Ok... some things:

1. There are now two HOME menu buttons. How do I remove the original one?

2. Widget issues. The forums page widgets dont sync with the portal widgets...


Moving this to the customer only section, this area is for general discussions not support. :)


It´s not a style issue, better you ask Jaxel.

1. Directly below the "Index Page Route" option is a "Home Page URL" option. Clear it out.
2. For me it does ->



Pixel Exit Staff
Doesn't Jaxel call his system the Widget Framework but it has nothing to do with the xfrocks Widget Framework?

I think if you wanted to use the original XFROCKS Widget Framework you need to uncheck both of those that @bt012ss posted and set the position to: forum_list, EWRporta2_ArticleList

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