Would you be prepared to sell a themes package as i like to change themes on my site & to give my members the choice to choose their own.
I am sure it would be very popular amonst the xf community & will boost your sales .
Do you basically just mean a discount on multiple themes? There's nothing stopping you now buying 3 or 4 themes.

To be honest, XenBase is so customisable that you could easily have 10 variations of any of the themes.
no i meant a package to include all your xf 2 themes with 12 months updates for one price , a few different devs are offering this option now.
To be honest I feel our prices are already pretty darn cheap compared to the product and support we offer. We've toyed around with the notion of various ideas, monthly subscriptions, bulk packages and just never really liked any of the options. We do however offer automatic discounts once you reach 3 style licenses which give you 25% off your cart with no coupon code. 6+ licenses give 30% off your entire cart with no code.

No plans to sell all the styles as a single bundle or subscription at this point in time.
For all the time, effort and energy Russ and Steve put in to the styles it’s a small price to pay and with their stellar support it’s worth every penny of that 25.00 in my opinion.

Pre-Sale Questions

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