XenBase Framework

Documentation for our XenBase Framework for XenForo 1.X

Our XenBase Framework is a powerful extension to the default XenForo setup. By using our framework you'll gain hundreds of new options and styling properties.

All of our premium styles are powered by the framework which gives you complete control over how your forum will look. We build on top of the extensive properties XenForo already has to improve the styling experience overall.

Just some of the features

  • Off-Canvas Navigation

    We've built a friendlier navigation for mobile devices that are easy to use and customize. Test it out on our site!

  • Lightweight Code

    With a ton of options and properties, we've done our best to ensure added functionality is loaded only if you use it.

  • Global Settings

    Easily change all of your styles font size, font family and border radius in a single area.

  • Multiple Node & Message Layouts

    Toggle between the various node and message layouts easily. We've also built in a system called flexible nodes to customize nodes even further.

  • Sticky Elements

    We provide sticky elements such as a Floating Navigation, Moderator Bar and a sidebar that follows you down the page, all are optional.

  • Fast Updates

    We strive to release updates shortly after XenForo updates the software. We want you to be on the latest and greatest!

XenBase Documentation

We're always looking for ways to improve XenBase. We originally released XenBase in May of 2013 and it has come such a long way since then. If you have ideas on how we can improve it we'd love to know!

For suggestions please start a new thread here. If you want to tell us your idea in a private area just submit a ticket.

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