This is a general installation guide on how to install our styles which utilize our XenBase Framework.

If a style requires specific instructions we'll include it in the download.

"Purchased Style" refers to the style you've purchased (Core, Fusion Gamer, Zipped... ect).

Step 1.) Upload

Upload the contents of "upload/styles" folder to your "styles" directory using your favorite FTP program or Control Panel.

Step 2.) Import XenBase

Navigate to your XenForo Admin Cp -> Appearances -> Styles -> Import Style, then import the style-XenBase-(Parent-DO-NOT-EDIT).xml.

Step 3.) Import "Purchased Style" as a CHILD of XenBase

Next Import the style-Purchased-Style-(Parent-DO-NOT-EDIT).xml as a child under XenBase.

Step 4.) Create a child style

Finally the most important step is to create a child style under the recently imported "Purchased Style". Simply go to Styles in your ACP, Create A New Style, name it whatever you would like, make it the child of the Purchased Style (this will help future upgrades).

At the end of your installation your style setup should look similar to this:

All of your edits will go inside your child style

You can set your new style to the default style by simply choosing the radio button next to your style under Appearance -> Styles.

Click here to see our guide on getting started with our styles.

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