This section will cover the added properties XenBase gives you to change the look of your messages.

We won't be covering everything but we'll try to cover some of the basics.

All of your edits will go inside your child style

The following properties can be found in: Style Properties -> Message Layout

Message Layouts

XenBase comes with the ability to easily change the way your message layout is display. By setting the following values in the Message Layout option you'll change the layout.

  • 0 - Default
  • 1 - Alternate
  • 2 - Horizontal
  • 3 - Modern

The following properties can be found in: Style Properties -> Message Elements

Message Elements

We offer additional customization to the message user info area with the help of Font Awesome Icons. You can replace the text by simply checking: Enable FA icons in message user info, resulting in:

If you check Font Awesome Boxed Layout it will result in this:

This 3 column will only work with the:

  • Messages
  • Likes
  • Trophy Points
Additional elements will show below.

Check out our other documentation on XenBase features, they can be found in the sidebar!

For further support please start a new thread here. If you want to obtain help via a support ticket just submit a ticket.

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