Pixel Exit Staff
Thanks for the update!

One teeny weeny suggestion: "Change Width" in the footer area would better suit XF 2.0's default phrases if it were "Change width" (drop the subsequent word's use of uppercase characters) :).

XenForo made the decision to change from Title Case with 1.x to Sentence case with 2.x etc.
I'll see what I can do, since we just send out styles and not an add-on file we can't include phrases (phrases can only attach to add-ons). So... in this case, I'm using 2 different phrases, change and width.

EDIT: So... I found this, I'll include it on the phrase for the next update.


Understood... that's actually an inventive workaround :). And explains why a template and phrase search for "Change Width" returned no results, hah!

This seems to work (ref):
{{ phrase('change') }} {{ phrase('width')|to_lower }}
EDIT: I see you found it already, oops! And thanks! (y)


Thanks for the update and the suggestion on update path:
Since this is a rather large release from XenForo and us you may want to consider installing the update as a new style. From there export your current style and import under the new version so you can test everything out prior to officially upgrading.

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