365 Days Access


I'm looking at your pricing and am not sure what 365 days access means exactly.

Access to what?

The forum, the theme, any updates... :confused:

What happens if I choose not to go for the annual payment?



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Hi Lux

We only offer the current price. That includes 1 Year of access to style updates. Support is basically lifetime but at some point updates will be required to maintain easier product support.


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Just to add onto what Steve has stated above, you will still be able to use your theme on your website past the 1 year. You will just no longer receive updates for that theme if you do not renew it.


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Yea I stated "access" but that isn't the correct wording :)

After the 1 year is up you will no longer get any new updates, but will always have access to the last version of the style when the 1 year expired.

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