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Not blind, this was a slight oversight on our part as apart of our documentation. The option was removed for our 2.2 updates but it's making a come back in our next update! We removed it because it was causing a total of 3 template edits, I've found a workaround though to include it with no template edits.

For now, open the template: "node_list_forum"

Find around line 66:
<div class="node-meta">

Add this right above:
<xf:if is="$xf.visitor.is_admin"><span class="xbNodeID">.node.node--id{$node.node_id} .node-icon i:before { content: "\f075";}</span></xf:if>

This will only show for admins. Once you're done you can revert the template assuming you don't have any other edits.


Thanks that worked, had to change the code slightly and remove a space.

Miracles I worked that out by myself.

.node.node--id2 .node-icon i:before { content: "\f075";}

changed to

.node.node--id2 .node-icon i:before { content:"\f075";}

Thanks again.

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