XF 1.x Subforum styling?


This is what my subforum styling currently looks like

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 20.44.46.png

I'd like to make it stand out a bit more but I'm not sure how (both technically and graphically).

It seems that XenBase's XB-Sub-forums Grid section can control most of this but I'm not sure what'd look good...


Pixel Exit Staff
1.2 Beta but I think we have something that looks ok for now though, thanks :)

Sounds good, sorry again, sometimes I browse threads late at night with the intention of replying in the morning but that didn't work out :), reason I ask of course is sub-forum grid in our framework is gone since it's a default option for XenForo.

I'm wrapping up 1.2 changes for core right now.


We will be adding styling options for the default sub forum grid in XenForo probably in the next update which may be 1.2 stable release. ;)

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