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Just picked up Omni!!! Now to figure out how to make custom themes within it.
I have a PDF I'm including in the next release which are some simple instructions but essentially:

Style Properties -> Omni Properties.

These dropdowns can dramatically change the entire style :D.

If you want to offer multiple styles, just create child styles and set new color schemes.
You mean Legendary?
No, Flat Awesome + 2.0.1, I have Flat Awesome + 1.5.15 installation on XF1 but Its can not use after updated XF2. So do we need delete Flat Awesome + 1.5.15 then install Flat Awesome + 2.0.1? Can be overriding with new XML without deleting old style?
Howdy hi @Carlos & @Ruby

Hope ya'll are doing well!!! And thanks for the reply @Steve.
I absolutely adore the Adara theme. It suits my needs to really perfection. It's such a bland theme that it allows for a myriad of customization options when paired with the fabulous XenBase framework. So yeah... Kinda hoping it will be ported to the XF2 series.
And again = Kudos on the new site design. It is absolutely gorgeous! So easy on the eyes!

Cheers you guys.


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