Admin account

Setting up an admin account

Admin Account:​

Sometimes to provide the best service, we'll need a temporary admin account to help. Here's how to create an admin account for us:

It's important that you have backups prior to providing access as problems can occur while attempting to fix things.

1.) Set up a new admin account​

  1. Go to your admin control panel -> Users -> Create new user
  2. Set a unique username such as PESupport
  3. Leave the email blank (not required for short-term access)
  4. Set a unique password

2.) Add that account as an admin​

  1. Go to your admin control panel -> Groups & permissions -> Administrators:

  2. Click the + Add administrator button
  3. Your password: Fill in your password for your account
  4. User: Type in the username from the account created in the first steps
  5. Add user to user groups: No need to add to any groups
  6. Administrator type: Regular administrator
  7. Permissions:These are the common ones to check unless told otherwise
    • Manage styles, style properties, and templates
    • Manage languages and phrases
    • Manage advertising
    • Manage widgets
  8. Your screen should look something like this:

  9. Click save - all done!

Few key points:​

  • Once we're done with the account, please delete the account entirely
  • For long term support, we can specify an email and set up two-factor authentication.