Basic Installation:​

  1. Download your style here (you may need to activate your license first)
  2. Go to your control panel, Appearance -> Styles -> Import, import the style zip you just downloaded
  3. Now click the + Add style button and fill in as follows:
    1. Title: Name Your Style
    2. Description: Give a brief description of the style (optional)
    3. Important! Parent style: Set the style you imported in step 3 as the parent style
    4. You can set the style to the default forum style by choosing the radio button (highlighted in red below)

Using both a light and a dark version

With most of our light styles, we include a dark version for you to use as well. To do this, after you've completed the installation steps above, simply go to the download area and download the child dark version of your style. It's a child style that you'll import as a child of the style you created in step #3. The result should look something like this:

You can rename Core Dark in this example to "My Community Dark" or whatever you'd like. Be sure to check out how to add a cool quick light switch to your styles to toggle between the dark and light!
When using this approach, place your edits inside the light style. In the above example, you'd place your edits into "My Style". The only time you'll really edit "Core Dark" is to fix any color related issues.

Using child styles

For many of our styles, we offer optional "child styles" which are included for free in your purchase. You can find those child styles in your download area. To use a child style, simply skip step 3 above and import the child style under your parent style. For example, our Nova style comes with a child style called "Gamer Time". The setup would look like this after a successful installation:

You can edit the "Gamer Time" child style directly with all of your edits.

Few key points:​

  • Do not make edits inside the main parent style (the one that says (Parent DO NOT EDIT)
  • Any edits you want to make should go inside your child style, in the above example "My Style"
  • You will lose all customizations on upgrade if you customize the style that says (Parent DO NOT EDIT)